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For those who want to learn more about pre-history

Guided Tour Almendres/Zambujeiro

Guided Tour Almendres/Zambujeiro

This guided tour seeks to educate about life in the Neolithic period by visiting some of the most important megalithic monuments in Europe: the Cromeleque and Menhir dos Almendres and the Dolmen of Zambujeiro. 


We seek to offer an in-depth archaeological framework on the periods and monuments we visit, including the technical, chronological and cultural aspects of their construction as well as different data on the daily lives of the people who built them.


In addition to these data on the physical world of the Neolithic communities, we also seek to share the different interpretations formulated by archaeologists on the world of art, ideas and beliefs of these our ancestors.


We will be talking about the moment when, after the end of the last ice age, Humanity learns to domesticate plants and animals and adopts a sedentary lifestyle. It is one of the biggest changes in our existence as a species, not only from an economic point of view but also socially and culturally.


Because all the monuments we visit are framed by a natural landscape that is also very special - the Montado - we try, complementarily, to give some context on the main species, such as the cork and holm oak as well as some of the fauna and flora that we find along the way.

  • Visited sites: Cromeleque and Menir of Almendres; Dolmen of Zambujeiro

  • Duration: around 3 hours

  • Languages: Portuguese, Spanish or English

  • Min Nº and Max Nº of people: 3px (or equivalent value) to 7 people per tour

  • Schegules: Morning (10h-13h); Afternoon (14h-17h)

  • Cost: 30€ per person

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